Costume Inspiration

Costume Ideas - For Halloween and Beyond!

My boys have always loved costumes, and I love sewing them – when I have time that is! Planning and preparation are the key to stress free costumes. 

I’m here to give you the ultimate costume inspiration. There’s something for everyone, no matter your sewing level or available time. 

Dragon Dress Up

The clue’s in the name with this one-Dragon Dress Up! The whole pattern was designed as a dress up/costume. There are 3 parts – mask, wings and tail. The wings are best suited to intermediate level sewist, but the mask is suitable for all – even non-sewists! You can make it using felt or card and glue. Time to get the kids involved I think! It also wouldn’t take too much adjusting to turn this pattern into a dinosaur. 

Charlie Bear and Friends Hood

The Charlie Bear Hood is a great one for both cuteness and longevity! The pattern has 6 different animal options but with a little imagination and clever fabric choices, you could have 60! It’s a great starting point for a costume, but both the hood and scarf options can be used everyday as cute outerwear! 

Zip Zap Coverall

If you need an all-in-one pattern to be the base for your costume design – the Zip Zap is for you. I’ve used it to create a comfortable and cosy Gruffalo costume for Charlie. I’ve seen customers and testers use the Zip Zap to create Pikachu, Peter Rabbit, Zog and Toothless!

Storybook Cape

Capes are fantastic for Halloween costumes if October is a cold month for you. You can layer up underneath and then create the costume with the cape. They’re also very size-flexible so can be used by many people and for many years. Jack’s black cape was used two years in a row – first for the BFG and then for Harry Potter. Charlie’s cape may look complex, but it’s simply a regular cape with large feather shapes sewn on top. If you only have time to sew one thing for a costume, a cape is a great choice. You can become a queen, a wizard, a hobbit, a superhero… Your only limit is your imagination. 

Crowning Glory

Short on time, fabric, or both? Sew a crown! The Crowning Glory is a free pattern and will turn any outfit into something special! 

Your Turn!

I’ve shared my favourite costumes that I’ve sewn for my boys. It’s your turn now! I’d love to see what you sew using W&W patterns. Make sure to share in the Facebook Group or tag W&W on Instagram