5 Ways To Get Your Sewjo Back

If you’ve been sewing for a while, chances are you have, at some point, hit a sewjo slump. For no apparent reason, your motivation and inspiration just get up and walk away and you’re left feeling flat. 

First of all, I’m here to say that this is normal! Not only in sewing, but in many areas of life. But if you’re ready to get creative again, I’m here with my top 5 ways to get your sewjo back. 

1. Clean Your Space

Organising and cleaning your sewing space can also help organise your mental space! Nothing encourages creativity like a clean, calm and inviting workspace. And who knows, as your organise, you may find some forgotten fabric or a long lost pattern! 

This is always my first step when I’m low on motivation. I often feel low after busy deadlines or periods of long, hard work. These are the times I become messiest in my work habits and I often hit deadlines in a workspace that looks like a fabric firework has exploded. Cleaning, tidying and organising lets me a take a moment to breath and then start again in a beautiful space. 

2. Small Victories

Find some small projects that you can complete quickly for a fast dopamine hit. Have you got a hem that needs taking up? A hole in a seam you can fix? If you want to make a complete project, pick something you can start and finish in one sessions such as Harem Pants, Wonder Undies or a Treat Bag

3. Try Something New

Do you always sew clothing? Try a bag!
Do you only sew t-shirts and shorts? How about underwear
Do you sew for your kids? Make something for yourself
Do you stick to woven fabrics? Stretch yourself with a stretch fabric project!

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a little daunting, but it’s also exciting and can help you feel enthusiastic about learning a new skill. 

4. Sew For Someone Else

Sewing for someone else gives you a purpose to your efforts. It can also help you stay motivated because you don’t want to let that person down. You could try making something for a family member you’ve never sewed for before, or there are many charities that can use your sewing skills. 

An important addition to this point is this – if you usually sew for other people then YOU can be the ‘someone else’. If you rarely sew for yourself, why not try a new pattern for you? 

5. Take A Break

It’s ok to take a break! Just because you sewed ‘X’ number of items last year, that doesn’t mean you have to do the same this year.. Hit pause. You don’t have to permanently give up on sewing, just a take a little break. Try a new hobby, read a new book, go for more walks, whatever leaves you feeling refreshed. When you’re ready, your sewing machine will be waiting for you! 

What’s your top tip for someone in the midst of a sewing slump?