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Wonder Undies Sewing Pattern

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The Wonder Undies pattern is a comfortable and easy-sew underwear pattern. Once you’ve tried Wonder Undies, you’ll never go back!

There are briefs and shorts, both of which can be either low or high rise. Choose between elastic or jersey cuffs/bands to finish the waist and legs.

An overlocker/serger will create the neatest finish for some parts, but importantly, a sewing machine is all you need for all options.

Four way stretch jersey is best for Wonder Undies.

This listing is for 4 downloadable PDF files: Instructions, a print-at-home pattern, a copy shop pattern and a projector pattern.

Print the print-at-home pattern on A4/legal/letter sized paper.

Take the copy shop file to a professional printer to print onto large sheets of paper.

Use the projector file to project the pattern straight onto your fabric. 

Join the Waves & Wild Facebook Group for more photos, inspiration and assistance.

The measurement charts for all W&W patterns are here.

The pattern is created in layers meaning you can print just the layers (sizes) you need.

There’s a FREE kid underwear pattern called the Speedy Pants.

This is an instant download PDF, not a finished item. Due to the digital nature of PDF patterns, no refund can be given if purchased in error.

14 reviews for Wonder Undies Sewing Pattern

  1. Zoe Giles

    The enclosed gusset makes all the difference, so comfortable.. I will never be going back to shop bought.

  2. mariz

    I love making my own underwear, I love catprints, skullprints and, camo and leopard prints, but never can find a lot off underwear with them. And store bought are nver that comfy. I love ther wonder undies, i also use them for lounging, with a big oversized shirt i borrowed of the boyfriend. I have spd, so fabrics and seams can be an issue with a lot of clothes, but not with these. The dont pinch or anything, you forget you are wearing them!

  3. Janet Blythin (verified owner)

    Fabulous pattern, I absolutely love these undies, so comfortable to wear I prefer them to bought ones and have now made several pairs. I prefer the standard briefs shape but I’ve also made the shorts style with my teenage grand daughter., her first time using the serger.

  4. Melissa Draper

    These Undies really are a Wonder. Simple to make, comfortable to wear, and easily customizable in my favorite prints. I prefer them to store-bought, as well. Easy to make a quick pair or to make a batch of them all at once.

  5. Abigail J Carless (verified owner)

    I’ve only make 1 pair to try out the pattern at the moment and very comfy, easy to follow instructions – this is a winner! I will be sizing up on my next pair, just waiting to get more CL scraps for making more.

  6. Haydee Muir (verified owner)

    ALWAYS MEASURE YOURSELF, even if you THINK YOU KNOW your measurements.!
    This is my first time doing wonder undies. I have been using a different branded pattern up until now. I made the mistake of not measuring! So I did a size medium, bikini cut (hip 105cm.) I normally wear a size L full rise. My fabric was 220g 95/5 cotton spandex
    I naturally have a wide pudendal region, so I did a Large size crotch and also widened the front crotch by 1/8″ either side tapering to the centre crotch, and did the same on the corresponding front pattern piece. I wish I could add photos here to show you the fit. I am glad I made those changes., in future, I will cut a LARGE for the body to get the bum coverage right, and
    and LARGE for the crotch of the undies (but keep the extra widith. in the front crotch)., and use medium bands. I have chunky thighs, and did not find smaller bands an issue at all. Just my personal preference:; I would lower the centre rise by about an inch, to better fit my +apron”, it would also work well as a maternity hack I would think! I actually liked the width of the mediium and found no issue with that. in fitting my body. (I have narrow hips and a teeny tiny bum!, but bigger everywhere else) Definitely, will be making again.

  7. Bee

    Super fun and fast to make! I love the fit – made an XL high rise briefs with bands. So comfortable and pretty 🙂
    Thank you – I will certainly be whipping up more pairs over the weeks to come.

  8. Adele Story (verified owner)

    A fun make and easy to follow instructions, you will never buy undies again once you try these

  9. Mireia Tarragó (verified owner)

    Great fit and easy to make. I have done lots of them and I just love them! I have even altered them to be period underwear and the coverage is perfect as well. This pattern is a must! 🙂

  10. Rachael (verified owner)

    Perfect undies every time!

  11. Ruth Procter

    I’ve made the Wonder Undies quite a few times, and they always turn out really well. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the pattern is great for using up leftover pieces of jersey. The undies are also super comfy to wear!

  12. Sharleene Weeks (verified owner)

    Only one pair made so far but the fit is fantastic, time to make more

  13. Cathryn Gaertner (verified owner)

    Fabulous pattern! The fit is so much better than shop bought, and the quality of the finished product wins hands down – a hit with all those I have made this pattern for!

  14. Lynn Butler-Ellis (verified owner)

    I had read the reviews and didn’t believe that once I’d made them I wouldn’t go back to ready to wear pants. Move on 3 years and my knickers drawer is full of wonder undies.
    When I need a new batch it’s a wonderful excuse for buying more fabric, if I don’t have quite enough scraps to use up of course!

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