Faking It

Tis the season for long sleeves and layers. I love the layered look, but Jack doesn’t like wearing 2 t-shirts, so I fake it. It’s ridiculously easy.

Start with a regular t-shirt pattern – I’m using the Eclipse here.

Cut 2 regular, short sleeves from your main fabric (red here).
Take your long sleeve pattern piece, and fold it approximately 1cm (3/8”) above the short sleeve line. Use this to cut the bottom of your 2 long sleeves from your second fabric (white here).  

Take one sleeve top and one bottom and place them together, right sides facing. Pin and sew using a 6mm (1/4”) seam allowance. Repeat for the second sleeve.

Turn your sleeves so you are looking at the right side. Pinch your main t-shirt fabric, just above the seam. You want to pinch about 1cm (3/8”) fabric and fold it down towards the wrist end of your sleeve. This is what gives your sleeve the realistic layered look. Press well.

Sew above this seam using whatever method you usually use to finish hems. I used a twin needle here. This is the pretend hem for the short sleeve. Repeat for the second sleeve.

You now just take these sleeve pieces and continue sewing your t-shirt as usual.