Breastfeeding and The Superstar Bra

Many people have asked whether the Superstar Bra is suitable for those breastfeeding/nursing.

The Superstar is a bra that many can breastfeed in, but it is not specifically designed as a breastfeeding bra. Many testers found it comfortable to breastfeed in but not all. Here are just a few of them just because I love my testers and they’re all beautiful!


If you would like to breastfeed whilst wearing a Superstar Bra but the shape isn’t working for you, or if you would like a more traditional breastfeeding garment then you can use this tutorial to add breastfeeding clips.

You Will Need:
Superstar Bra paper pattern pieces
– Tape measure or ruler
– Scissors
– Bra strap elastic (this tutorial is based on 12mm/½” but can easily be adjusted to use other widths)
– 2 Breastfeeding clips to match your strap elastic
– Fabric and elastic as required for your chosen option (see the supplies page in the main instructions)
– Extra scrap of main fabric

1. Take your front paper pattern piece and cut most of the long strap off. (Keep the strap piece – you will use it later.)


2. Carefully trim each side of your remaining front and back strap sections on your paper pattern pieces until they measure 24mm (1″) across. (NOTE: if you are using a different width elastic this section should be your elastic width + 12mm/½”.)


3. Cut your fabric and follow the main Superstar Bra instructions until you have completed step 6. 


4. Cut two 25mm x 50mm (1″ x 2″) rectangles from your main fabric. Fold each rectangle in half matching the long ends. Sew using a 6mm (¼”) seam allowance to make 2 small tubes of fabric. Trim away some of the seam allowance to make the next step easier. 


5. Turn your mini-straps the right way out and press flat. Thread each one through the smaller of your two clip pieces.



6. Cut two pieces of strap elastic. Each piece should be 24mm/1” longer than the piece of the strap pattern piece you cut off in the first step of this tutorial. Slide one piece of elastic into each BACK section and line it up neatly with the open end.

Slide each clip and mini-strap into each front section. Make sure the front/right side of the clip faces your main/outer fabric (I like to clip my top and bottom breastfeeding clip sections together before I start so that I know which way they should go.) The double layer mini-strap can be a little slippery so pull it so the ends extend past the end of the main bra. The mini straps are intentionally too long to allow you to do this. Make sure the two sides are equal.

Sew the elastic and clip straps in place using a 6mm (¼”) seam allowance.


7. Turn your bra the right way out and continue with steps 9 – 12 from the main instructions.


7. Skip ahead to step 20 or step 25 in the main instructions to attach your chosen band.


8. Take each elastic strap and thread it through the top/wider section of each upper breastfeeding clip. Thread the elastic from front to back then fold it back on itself and sew in place so your clip is attached.

TIP: Pin or baste both sides in place first, then try your bra on and clip it together. This allows you to check that your clips are the right way round and that your straps are the correct length. Once you are confident everything is as you would like it, you can go ahead and stitch it firmly in place.


9. You can stop here and you will have a bra you can clip and unclip to feed. However, when you unclip you run the risk of losing your strap over your shoulder which can be very annoying! To prevent this you need to fix your top clip to the main body of the bra.

Take a piece of elastic – this can be the same as your strap elastic or it can be thinner/softer elastic. It will go against your skin inside your bra so it needs to feel comfortable. Thread it through the bottom part of the upper breastfeeding clip. Fold the elastic back on itself and sew in place so it is attached to the clip.


10. Clip your straps together and lay your bra flat making sure the straps are not twisted. The soft, inside elastic needs to be inside your bra and should go straight down towards the band. Make sure it is flat against the inside front of your bra (wrinkles or twists will be uncomfortable to wear). Baste the first strap in place into the seam allowance on the band.

Repeat steps 9 and 10 with your second strap.

Sew the elastic firmly in place. You can either sew it into the seam allowance of the band or stitch in the ditch to keep it hidden from the front



11. Find a hungry kiddo!


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