Stocking Fillers for Sewists

The 12 Days of Sew-mas!

Do you have sewing friends you need to buy presents for? Or do you need to leave some (not very) subtle hints to others about what you would like to find in your stocking? Here are 12 ideas for budget-friendly, sewing-related stocking fillers. The examples I give are all from Australia, but none are unique and equivalents can easily be found in other countries. All cost less than AU$40 (approximately £20 or US$27).

1. Labels

Labels can elevate any piece of handmade clothing. The most used label in my workroom is the ‘this is the back’ label from Kylie and the Machine.

2. Seam Ripper

We love them and hate them in equal measure, but every sewist needs a good seam ripper. I’m a big fan of wooden handled seam rippers. When my tool is more beautiful or special, I’m less likely to misplace it! 

3. Washaway Sewing Tape

This one is super practical. Washaway sewing tape is one of my favourite sewing tools. If you know someone who hasn’t tried it yet – get them a roll for Christmas and they will love you forever! 

4. Gift Voucher

Gift Card Cover Image
Gift Car $15

Gift vouchers are brilliant gifts for that person who seams to have it all. We do gift vouchers here at W&W and most fabric shops do too. Why not gift someone two vouchers to allow them to pick their own pattern and fabric for their next project? 

5. Pins

This is somthing that every sewist needs for almost every project. Choose pins that come in a lovely tin and you have the perfect present! 

6. Pin Cushion

If you have pins, you also need a pin cushion! There are so many out there to choose from. 

7. Pin Wand

Wrapping up the pin trifecta, we have the magnetic pin wand. If (when) you knock you pins all over the floor, you need a pin wand. This helps you gather them back up again quickly, and with minimal blood loss! 

8. Thread Snips

Small yet essential – thread snips are an everyday tool. There are many, beautiful options out there that would make lovely gifts. 

9. Sewing Planner

Two pages printed from the free sewing planner, placed on a green cutting mat, with sewing supplies scattered around.

Every sewist is going to appreciate a planner to help keep their projects in order. The W&W planner is a free download, so why not get it printed to give as a gift? 

10. Washi Tape

I’m such a fan of washi tape – you can use it for sticking patterns, labelling fabric, creating new seam allowance lines on you machines… the list goes on. 

11. A Different Kind of Pin

When a sewist wears a handmade outfit they’re really proud of, they want people to know they made it! An ‘outfit of the day’ or ‘sewciopath’ pin is the perfect gift for any sewist. 

12. Mug

I can’t be the only one that is fuelled by coffee. A sewing related coffee mug just brings two of my greatest loves together! 

Here endeth my 12 days of sewing stocking fillers. What are your favourite crafting-related gifts?