Why Hasn’t This Worked?

I’m sure all of us have asked the question “why hasn’t this worked?”. This could be during the making of something or when you’ve finished sewing and discovered something that isn’t quite right. Of course there are lots of things that can cause issues whilst sewing, from technical problems with the sewing machine to silly mistakes like sewing two sleeves together. But I think the most frustrating problems are ones that you don’t know about until the garment is on a person. It can look great on your sewing table, and even on a hanger, but then suddenly looks a bit wrong when it’s being worn. And those problems become even more frustrating when you don’t know what has caused them.


To try and help you out, if you ever find yourself asking “why hasn’t this worked?”, I’ve put together a checklist of what I think are the six most likely things that have caused your garment to go wrong in some way. The checklist includes the main things to go back and double check, what problems these might have caused and some useful information to help you either resolve the problem or know what not to do the next time.


Why Hasn’t This Worked Checklist