Which is Your Perfect Sweatshirt?

At Waves & Wild we like to give you options; not just options to choose from within a pattern but different options for the same type of garment too. Hopefully this means there’s something for everyone but if you love them all, how do you decide which one to make?

There are currently six children’s sweatshirt patterns and they all have different features from sleeve style to neckline options…and more.
Long time makers of Waves & Wild patterns will know that the first sweatshirt pattern was the Hot Chocolate; classic sweatshirt with a hoodie options, a couple of pockets and two different lengths (told you there were always options!) but since the Hot Chocolate release many, many years ago the collection has expanded. In the chart below you’ll find a quick and easy comparison between all the children’s sweatshirt patterns including sleeve type, neckline options, pocket styles, extra features, ideal fabric and the fit.

Children's sweatshirt comparison chart

Which will your perfect sweatshirt be? The Adventurer Raglan with the smart split-collar or the Beep Beep Raglan with its mega side pockets? Maybe the Cottesloe Cowl to keep you cosy or the Driftwood Dolman with its funky sleeves. Perhaps you’ll go for the classic Hot Chocolate with its big hood or the Sundowner with its cool roll-up sleeves and relaxed vibe.

Whichever features make up your perfect sweatshirt, Waves & Wild have got you covered.