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Sandcastle Bucket Hat Sewing Pattern

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Level: Beginner

Newborn – XL Adult


The Sandcastle Bucket Hat is reversible bucket style sunhat.

Make it from knit or woven fabrics! It has a wide brim to offer good sun protection. It is simple to put together but does involve joining curves which can be challenging for absolute beginners.

Head on over to W&W blog to find a tutorial for adding a safety chin strap. Additionally, there’s the option to use water resistant fabrics and make a wonderful rain hat! Altogether it’s a fabulous pattern for the whole family, all year round!

This The Sandcastle Bucket Hat listing is for 4 downloadable PDF files: Instructions, a print-at-home pattern, a copy shop pattern and a projector pattern.

Print the print-at-home pattern on A4/legal/letter sized paper.

Take the copy shop file to a professional printer to print onto large sheets of paper.

Use the projector file to project the pattern straight onto your fabric. 

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The measurement charts for all W&W patterns are here.

The pattern is created in layers meaning you can print just the layers (sizes) you need.

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This is an instant download PDF, not a finished item. Due to the digital nature of PDF patterns, no refund can be given if purchased in error.

28 reviews for Sandcastle Bucket Hat Sewing Pattern

  1. Tenicia (verified owner)

    This pattern is a wonderful way to use up any scarps or fat quarters you dont know what to do with. I must have made about 6 hats so far for various babies. children and myself! Takes around an hour to knock up and would probably be even less if i keep practicing. :)!

  2. G. Shortt

    I made two baby hats last year, and three for my one year hold this year and one for his Mom. Love the pattern, instructions are great and if you take your time, it works up wonderfully. I copied the pattern several times, so that I could cut out and keep each size handy. I’ve got my eye on a few more patterns to try as well.

  3. Sarah (verified owner)

    A really nice pattern that was well written to allow me, a beginner sewer, to end up with a beautiful, wearable hat. I’ve made two now, one for my daughter size 1-2 and one in xs adult sized for her great granny. Both were well received and fit lovely.

  4. Patricia (verified owner)

    Lovely pattern, easy to make and fits well.

  5. Guadalupe Sanchez (verified owner)

    This hat was a hit! Made matching hats for my daughter, son-in-love and grandson for his third birthday. Everyone attending asked for one of their own. Can be whipped up in less than an hour

  6. Nat Chugg (verified owner)

    I have now made 7 of these hats and everyone has loved them. my daughter lives in Her’s lol.

    I find the key to these is measure everyone’s head that you are making them for, each head is different. I love the fact that each one I have made is a different fabric pattern, so they are not the same. I’m yet to make my one but I will do in time. I have been told they are so comfy to wear.

    I’m a beginner and the instruction are easy to follow these do take me a couple of hours to make but as I make more, I’m sure I can cut the time in half.

  7. Honey Coleman

    I have made 4 now all matching for my Godsons, such an easy pattern to follow and detailed.
    It can be made in less than an hour and great when you have left over fat quarters laying around. Thank you!

  8. Norma

    Disculpen me pueden decir dónde lo puedo bajar el patrón ? Gracias

    • Waves & Wild (verified owner)

      You can get the pattern by clicking ‘add to cart’ above.

  9. Emilie Gauthier (verified owner)

    Love the bucket hat constructions.
    I had made bucket hat before, but I found that W7W constructions did give a nicer finish to the garment!
    Thank you for opening my option in hat making.

  10. Adele Story

    Such a cute hat to make, I’ve made so many of these, super simple pattern but make sure you use plenty of pins to ensure the curves sew together nicely

  11. Emma Scorah (verified owner)

    Such a useful pattern to have on hand, for some reason I can never find baby or toddler hats in the stores when I need one! This pattern is great for using up leftover fabric. I love that it is reversible, I like to use a plain fabric on one side and patterned on the other. I found the curved seams a bit tricky to start with, but am getting better each time.

  12. Sam Martin (verified owner)

    Great pattern! Love that I can make a hat for my kids out of fat quarters. I was a bit daunted by sewing so many circles but instructions are easy to follow and my hats work out perfect every time! Amazing pattern for a freebie. Also works well in swim fabric with foam in the brim for a swim hat!

  13. Liz carr (verified owner)

    I made an adult large for my daughter. It is her favourite hat and gets lots of compliments on it. I needed 3 fat quarters for this size.
    Great instructions, easy to follow and a smart result. I’ll definitely be making more.

  14. marie_m.b (verified owner)

    This pattern is great. I’ve used it for the past 3 years to make bucket hats for my two children and myself.

    I love that it’s reversible and sews up in less than an hour. It’s the perfect scrap busting challenge

  15. marie_m.b (verified owner)

    This pattern is great. I’ve used it for the past 3 years to make bucket hats for my two children and myself.

    I love that it’s reversible and sews up in less than an hour. It’s the perfect scrap busting pattern

  16. Gina McCune (verified owner)

    I put off making this for ages as I’m new to sewing but it was actually really easy and turned out really well – just a shame that my one year old won’t keep it on his head!

  17. Daniëlle (verified owner)

    This is such a fun pattern to make! It is an easy project, and you can use scraps for it. My hat turned out lovely! Thanks for this free pattern ☺️

  18. Denise Taylor (verified owner)

    I am a sewer of very limited talent and ability, but made a child’s and an adults hat from a pattern printed at home. The instructions are super clear and easy to follow. Such a feeling of achievement, especially when people admire my hat and ask where I got it!

  19. Fabienne Schulte (verified owner)

    Great pattern! I love to go wild with printed poplins or assorted scraps on one side while keeping the other one solid. My toddler loves to wear his one in summer, so I’ll definitely sew another one when he will next size. As usually, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Thanks for offering this pattern for free!

  20. Sharleene Weeks (verified owner)

    Very popular in our family, have made for kids, parents, grandparents and even a bunch donated to nursery school.

  21. Miriam Orr (verified owner)

    I’ve made Sandcastle bucket hats for three of our family of four so far, and they’re great! I love being able to choose fun fabrics for each side, and you can squeeze them out of surprisingly small scraps. Easing the edges together as you sew does take concentration and care to get them pucker-free, but it can be done and is so satisfying when it turns out!

  22. Rebecca Skinner (verified owner)

    For me this is now an essential pattern. I’ve been making them for my little girl for past few years, made them for my cousins children and even turned one into a witches hat to go with the storybook cape. When my friend wanted to have ago at sewing, we made her son one and she was so excited how it turned out and gave her so much confidence. Best thing is, I get to use up some of the scraps of fabric in the sewing stash!

  23. Gemma (verified owner)

    This is a great pattern and all the better for the YouTube tutorial too. I would recommend sizing down a little if boarder line as the hat can catch the wind.

  24. Gemma Taeed (verified owner)

    Great pattern with a fantastic YouTube tutorial to help with final steps. I would recommend sizing down if you are between sizes

  25. verityallan (verified owner)

    This is such a fab pattern- I have made loads now and it’s great for using up smaller pieces of fabric.

  26. Linda Goddard

    I’ve had this free pattern for 3yrs but only recently used it. Now I can’t stop making the Sandcastle Bucket Hat.
    I thought it would be difficult but provided you cut accurately and measure the seam allowances, it’s SO, SO EASY, and the end result is impressive…

  27. Joan Rocha (verified owner)

    I used the Sandcastle Bucket Sun Hat pattern to sew 54 hats for a friend to give to her guests at her wedding in Mexico. And I’ve sewed several hats for other friends and family from babies to Seniors. Everyone – including me – loves the Waves and Wild pattern.

  28. Sarah (verified owner)

    I love this pattern for a quick and easy project to use up some of those fun impulse-buy prints I have laying around. My mom wears hers all of the time!

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