Sew something special to celebrate something special

You might have been fooled into thinking that handmade clothes equals casual garments. You probably do make a lot more easygoing clothes, I know I certainly do. After all, they are quicker to make and will most likely get more wear. But sometimes there’s a special occasion that could call for a make that’s a little more “special” too. Waves & Wild prides itself in designing clothes that are comfortable and easy wear but with alternate fabric choices and some added extras you can create a garment that’s ready for a special celebration.


The Sunset Shirt and Dreamer Shirt are gender neutral patterns which can be dressed up and down for different occasions. The Grandad collar option on the Sunset Shirt is a smart but comfortable option, great for a beach wedding or birthday celebration.

Or choosing specific fabric can make a shirt celebration-ready. This Dreamer Shirt was made using fabric with an Indigenous design in celebration of NAIDOC Week (a week celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples).


Dresses and Skirts

When it comes to dresses and skirts I think it can be all about fabric choice and little extras to take a pattern from “everyday” dress to “special occasion” dress. But be careful to make sure the garments stays comfortable to wear, especially when sewing for children. An outfit to celebrate a birthday or a festival like Christmas will probably be worn all day so any changes you make should still be easy to wear.

The Too Wild Dress is a beautiful party dress as it is but adding a second layer (underskirt/petticoat) can add a little bit of “special”. Choose a fabric that will add volume but won’t feel scratchy like soft tulle.

The Double Bubble Skirt is similar when it comes to fabric choices. Check out this blog post for a tutorial on adding extra pompom-filled tulle layers!



The Storybook Cape is very popular as a dressing up or children’s pattern but it is great for adults too. The supply list suggests medium/heavy woven fabrics like wool blends, tweed, faux fur. But choosing a lighter fabric can turn this into a very elegant garment, perfect for all sorts of special occasions.


Celebration outfits don’t have to be fancy! I love sewing PJs to mark special occasions for the boy. This customer sewed beautiful and comfortable Chanukah PJs for her gorgeous kids. Pick a special fabric to make your PJs meaningful for the occasion. There are lots of patterns that can be used to make PJs – try the Emi T-Shirt, Explorer Raglan, Four Seasons, Lightning Leggings or Harem Romper.



If in doubt, wear a crown! They make every day special.