Monster Hoodie

Hands up if you have a little monster at home…

Fancy making something for them but don’t have the time/patience/skills/confidence to make clothes from scratch? Well how about a monster hoodie? They’re so easy to make and I can’t even begin to count how many compliments Jack has had about his.

monster-hoodie-3 monster-hoodie-4 monster-hoodie-2

1. Find a hoodie! A zip up one will be easiest.

2. Fold your hoodie in half and use an air erasable pen or tailor’s chalk to draw a line down the middle of the back and the hood. (If you don’t have either then you could pin along the line.)

3. Decide how big you want your spikes to be and make yourself a paper template. Your template should be a square or diamond which when folded in half makes the spike you would like. (My spikes were made using an 7cm square). Cut out your spikes from machine washable felt. Pin them along the line you made in step 2, making sure the top and bottom point of each piece of felt sits on the line. Sew from bottom to top along the centre line. Just use a medium straight stitch on your sewing machine and make sure to go backwards and forwards at the beginning and end.

4. Fold each spike in half and pin.

5. Sew each spike closed using a medium straight stitch on your sewing machine. I find it easiest to move the needle to the left and use the centre of the foot as a guide along the edge of the felt. I avoid hand sewing like the plague, but if you’re a fan you could use embroidery thread and sew the spikes closed with a blanket stitch.

6. Voila, one spiky monster!