Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

I love hearts. I have them festooned liberally around my studio. I had an idea to create a Valentine’s outfit for Charlie using hearts, however, Valentine’s day isn’t a huge deal in either of my home countries, so I wanted to design something stylish, but subtle that could be worn any day of the year. So that’s how I came up with the ‘Heart On Your Sleeve Applique’.


To make your own heart sweatshirt you will need the following:

  • Sweatshirt Pattern (I used the Adventurer Raglan, but you could also use the
    Hot Chocolate.)
  • Materials as stated in your chosen pattern.
  • Contrast fabric for the heart (I used heavy weight, hot pink jersey)
  • Optional: bondaweb or interfacing
  • Heart template
  1. Cut your heart half shapes from your contrast fabric. If you wish you can use bondaweb to attach your shapes to your main fabric, or iron some lightweight interfacing to the reverse. Both will help to create a neater finish when sewing.

  2. Take your front sweatshirt piece and pin one of your heart halves against the right edge (as you look at it, left when worn). The rights sides of both fabrics should be facing you. Pin it in place approximately 2cm (3/4”) from the bottom.

  3. Measure the distance from the armpit point to the dip at the top of your heart. Make a note of this measurement (it will be different for different sizes).

  4. Take the left arm piece and place the second hear half against the inside long edge. This heart half will be the mirror image of the first. Take the measurement from step 3 and place your heart that distance from the armpit corner of the sleeve. Pin in place.

  5. Sew your heart shapes in place using a zig zag stitch.

  6. Sew your sweatshirt up following the instructions of your main pattern, and voila, one subtle, heartfelt sweatshirt for the heartthrob in your life.

    So Charlie, is pink just for girls??