Foxes and Dragons and Bears – Oh My!

I have an early Christmas present for you – 4 sets of animal appliqués to help you create some adorable animal sweatshirts. The Animal Appliqués are designed to work with the Hot Chocolate and Adventurer patterns. However, with a little adaption they can be used with any sweatshirt pattern, or even an existing garment.

Firstly, we have a fox…

Secondly, there is a polar bear.

Thirdly, I bring you a dragon.

Finally there is a reindeer!

This blog post talks you through the FOX. Click on the links above for the others.


  • Pattern pieces which you can download here.
  • The Adventurer Raglan Pattern and appropriate fabric (preferably red or orange)
  • White minky or jersey
  • Scrap of black minky or jersey


1. Print pages 1, 3, 10 and 11 from the appliqué pattern. It is created in layers which means you can choose to print just the size you need.

2. Cut the fox face from your white fabric and your eyes and nose from your black fabric.

3. Cut 4 ears from your main fabric (or two from your main fabric and two from a contrasting fabric if you would like a contrasting inner to your ears).

4. Pin one ear inner and one ear outer, right sides facing. Next, sew along the two curved edges using a 6mm (1/4″) seam allowance. Repeat for the second ear.

5. Clip the tip of your ears, then turn them inside out. Press.

6. Take each bottom corner and bring it to the middle. Pin or clip them in place. Baste along the bottom edge to keep the folds in place and then place to one side.


7. Place your white fox face on your sweatshirt front piece, all right sides facing you. Pin in place. Sew around the edge using a small zig zag stitch.

8. Place your eyes and nose in place. Pin and sew. The eyes are very small therefore you may prefer to hand sew this step.

9. Place your ears on your fox face. The right side of the ears should face the right side of your main fabric and the ears should point down. The raw edge of each ear should line up with the raw edge of the main fabric. Pin or baste in place.

10. Sew your sweatshirt following the pattern instructions.

11. With the smallest sizes your ears should sit perfectly by themselves. However, with the larger sizes you may wish to ether topstitch along the shoulder seam, or hand tack the ears to help them sit pointing upwards.

12. To conclude, find yourself a fox-obsessed child and make his day!

Animal Applique Fox