Do You Have Favourite Dungarees?

Last month we looked at the different Waves & Wild children’s sweatshirt patterns so now it’s time to compare another favourite outfit staple…the dungarees.

There are currently four children’s dungarees patterns and they all have different features from fastening options to pocket styles…and more. The variety within these four patterns means Waves & Wild dungarees aren’t just for “work wear”. Over It Alls made from a snuggly jersey are perfect for a cosy and comfy day playing at home, but on the other hand Wild and Free Dungarees made from a smart pinstriped chambray make a gorgeous wedding or party outfit. In the chart below you’ll find a quick and easy comparison between all the children’s dungarees patterns including fastenings, leg length, pocket styles, extra features, ideal fabric and the fit.

But which will you choose for your perfect dungarees? The Heyday Dungarees with their matching ladies pattern, the Over It Alls with their super casual through-pocket, or the Wild and Free Dungarees with their many, many fastening options. And UK readers (and maybe some international, I’m not sure which countries around the world can get BBC iPlayer!) might remember that the I Dig Dungarees featured on the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee a few years ago…if that’s not a reason to take a closer look at a pattern then I don’t know what is!

Leave a comment below with your favourite Waves & Wild dungarees pattern and why you love it.