Do You Have A Go-To Dress?

We’re back with another pattern comparison blog post. First we looked at the different Waves & Wild children’s sweatshirt patterns, following that it was all about the various children’s dungarees patterns, then we focused on the selection of children’s jogger patterns (or patterns with jogger-like options), and now we’re going to compare dresses!

There are currently eight children’s dress patterns, some of which have coordinating adult patterns too, and they all have different styles from t-shirt style with skirt to traditional pinafore dress…and more. The variety within these eight patterns means Waves & Wild dresses are perfect for any time, any place and any occasion. The Hot Chocolate (or adult Hot Coffee) is perfect to keep cosy out and about during cooler months, whereas the Too Wild Dress can be dressed up or down depending on your fabric choices. In the chart below you’ll find a quick and easy comparison between all the dress patterns including length options, style, pocket types, extra details, ideal fabric and if there is an adult pattern available.

But which will you choose for your go-to dress pattern? The Beachcomber (adult Beachcomber) with its deep but stylish pockets or the Hot Chocolate (adult Hot Coffee) with its cosy cowl and hood necklines? Do you prefer the stylish Kinjarling with its three different lengths (adult Kinjarling) or the Over More which is the dress version of the Over It Alls? Maybe the Eclipse with its different sleeve options or the Emi with its super twirly circle skirt? Extra bonus: the Eclipse and Emi are sister patterns which means the sleeves and skirts can be mixed and matched across the two patterns. Perhaps the strappy dresses appeal the most…the Penny Pinny (adult Penelope Pinafore) with its traditional pinafore style or the Too Wild with its many gorgeous fastening options.

Whatever style of dress appeals the most, you’re bound to find at least one option at Waves & Wild.