A Sewing Bucket List for 2022

Here at Waves & Wild, we aren’t that keen on New Year’s resolutions. So often they are either negative (I’m going to stop this or that bad habit) or too difficult and so set you up for failure (I’m going to go to the gym 34 times a week). As soon as you miss a step you feel like a failure and that there’s no point in continuing.

A resolution often says something that you want to change but a goal is focused on a positive achievement so why not set yourself sewing goals this year? Start with one goal and when you’ve achieved it you can add another…it doesn’t matter if it takes a week or the whole year to achieve that goal, but it should be a very positive thing when it does happen.


Sewing goal ideas…

  1. Sew your first pattern

    Sewing your first handmade garment is a big step but also a fabulous goal for the new year. Waves & Wild patterns all have detailed step by step instructions so you’ll have help at every stage of your make and many patterns are designed for beginners (just check the “level” on the pattern listing to be sure before you purchase).

    Check out the blog post Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can. for some great beginner tips.

  2. Tackle a new fabric

    Maybe you made lots of handmade clothes last year but always find that you stick to the same type of fabric. A new year goal is the great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try a new time of fabric. There are a few past blog post that will help you gain confidence in using different types of fabrics:
    Tackling Fluffy Fabrics
    How To Choose the Correct Needle

  3. Sew your first head to toe outfit

    Making an item of clothing is an awesome to thing to do but what about a full outfit? With patterns for underwear, tops and bottoms you can choose a selection to create a head to toe outfit. If you’re not sure which patterns to put together then check out Level up when you layer up for some ideas. Even if you are right at the start of your sewing journey, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a full outfit. And one full outfit can lead to a full handmade wardrobe! Check out these three beginner-friendly patterns that can all work together to make one complete, and completely awesome, outfit…
    Four Seasons Joggers
    Eclipse T-Shirt
    Hot Chocolate Sweatshirt

  4. Learn a new skill

    In some Waves & Wild patterns you’ll find extra details that use techniques that might be new to you. Your new year goal could be to tackle one of these new skills.
    You’ll find darts in the Twist & Shout Trousers and Superstar Bra patterns.
    There are elastic waistbands in the Double Trouble Joggers, Hang Ten Boardies, High Kick Harem Joggers, and Pause for Shorts patterns.
    And that age-old sewing nemesis the zip is in the Back to Cool Backpack, Hygge, I CAN Zip Hoodie and Zip Zap Coverall patterns.

    And don’t forget – these things are always easier with a friend! Make sure to come and share your sewing goals in the W&W Facebook Group. We’d love to support you in this journey!